Call things by their proper names

A reply to the Anti Porn Men Project

It’s bad enough when Andrea Dworkin and assorted anti-porn feminist followers seek to write out the personhood of female sex workers. They position themselves as The Woman who speaks for all others, occluding the voices, agency and personalities of the workers whose labour they reduce to a spectacle of spread-eagled body parts, revelling in the grotesque descriptions of acts they profess to oppose.

But when men start doing this, start using this language that posits women as objects in order to talk about objectification, it’s not just a gross elision of female agency. It’s a shameless appropriation and a mirror of the way less ‘feminist’ men talk about women in every sexist medium and arena going. None of anti-porn feminism treads softly, or indeed with nuance, which is perhaps why it appeals to men who want to maintain their social right to shout louder, talk over and stomp across women’s lives, voices and demands while claiming feminist credentials.
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Strauss-Kahn v. Assange

Counterfire & rape apologism

Counterfire have published an article by Lindsey German, questioning what it says about the French ‘left’ (or rather, Parti Socialiste) that a man with the reputation of Dominic Strauss-Kahn might be considered an acceptable Presidential candidate. It takes the allegations made against him very seriously: the “truly shocking story”, with details of the accusations that [...]

Intelligence is limited

Police briefing for Dec 9 protest released

The BBC have released an internal police briefing for the education protests of December 8 & 9 last year. Article and full PDF here. I suggest you read the whole thing, but here are some hilarious excerpts, with translation for those fortunate enough not to have had a run-in with the boys in blue recently. [...]

Don’t get in bed with the Mothers’ Union

On 'sexualisation' & choosing our allies

I don’t like the term ‘sexualisation’, and I don’t think feminists should use it. It’s too ambiguous. Applied to culture – as in ‘culture is becoming more sexual’ – it’s complicated. There are aspects of such ‘sexualisation’, if it’s occurring, that feminists might have complex positions on; Page 3, pornography, sex on TV and in [...]