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January 2012

Call things by their proper names

A reply to the Anti Porn Men Project

May 2011

Strauss-Kahn v. Assange

Counterfire & rape apologism

March 2011

Intelligence is limited

Police briefing for Dec 9 protest released

February 2011

Don’t get in bed with the Mothers’ Union

On 'sexualisation' & choosing our allies

February 2011

The problem with ‘bail-ins’

UK Uncut & occupying banks

February 2011

Journalism, ethics and the movement

January 2011

On journalism, subjectivity and the movement, again

January 2011

On journalism, subjectivity and the movement

January 2011

Cops Against Cuts (or not)

January 2011

Naomi Wolf and those ‘childish’ feminists

January 2011

Sectarianism: A Guide for New Users

January 2011

That’s No Bodice-Ripper…

January 2011

UK Uncut, John Lewis and the pretence of neutrality

December 2010

Assange: ‘drop the charges’ is wrong

November 2010

Some thoughts on the NUS demo

April 2010

The liberal in the middle

January 2010

Object AGM

December 2009

Our Authenticity and Theirs

November 2009

Identity Politics, Self-Organisation and SUs

November 2009

Porn. Ruby. *headdesk*